We Need Many More Civil War Memorials

I recall the first time I saw, or at least comprehended, a Confederate memorial, with Lee or some other general atop a horse. I thought the solution would be not to remove them, but to build around them. A tree should hover above with strange fruit hanging down for example. I'd be delighted if such a thing were to catch on now. 

And perhaps we need more -- not fewer -- monuments to the Civil War, to all wars. If done right, they would actually be monuments for peace. Consider these images that confront the reality below the "great men" atop their horses: 

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These days anybody,with any commitment to keeping things Civil deserves a monument. aka. Dr. K.
This morning I was thinking this very thing. I pictured hundreds of rag dolls hanging from their necks draped all over the statues. Truly display their shame, openly on their own monuments. Now, after reading your blog, I also picture hundreds of dead soldier rag dolls crumpled at the base of the monuments. There's just one thing though. I think the black community and sympathizers would be prone to outrage and re-opened wounds, and I think confederate-at-heart people would see the draped statues as a source of pride. I think we need to stop seeing ourselves as subjugated and rise up to our own power. Thank you for publishing this.
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