Suicide Bomber for the Empire

I had speculated last month that Bush might be "a virtual suicide bomber for the empire -- he will have sacrificed his political career to help perpetuate an unjust system." That may yet come to pass, but it looks as though Kerry is now the suicide bomber for the Empire.

See my "How Many People Will Die Because of This 'Mistake', Senator Kerry?" of last January:

How can you be "electable" when you have many of the same skeletons in your closet as Bush? Do you really think the Republican machine won't cite your speech over and over again -- "Kerry claims that Bush lied when Kerry said many of the same things!" Fox will blare. Or, after you get the Democratic nomination, will you be quiet about Iraq, other than to talk about narrow issues like Halliburton -- searching for something, anything, that Bush is guilty of that you are not? You will come off as petty. Bush will come off as the visionary.
[originally published at on Nov. 3, 2004]