"Questioner": "Now that Women are Allowed Freely in Saudi Arabia"; Turki "My Colleague ... Herself a Woman as You Can See..."

I've been criticized for "speechifying"in my question to Turki -- even though if you time it, my question, before Turki tried to distract from it with a folksy back and forth, was only 37 seconds. I think my questions seem long to certain people because they come off as grating, most of all because of the content. If you're wedded to the establishment, asking about the legitimacy of the Saudi regime is like fingernails on chalkboard. Even if it lasts a few seconds, it drives you mad. Here is the second question, longer than mine, more speechifying, but apparently unobjectionable because it's obsequious to Turki. Notice that the questioner is not a journalist while the management of the National Press Club is attempting to pretend that I'm not a journalist.

(Names are phonetic approximations of what is said)

Second questioner: His Royal Highness.

Turki: Thank you.

Second questioner: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Rosemund Sagiaro. I'm the president Focus for Tomorrow and Focus on Women -- empowerment of women through [inaudible]. I've been to Saudi Arabia kingdom -- and I came from Saudi Arabia in 1995, the time of King Fahad. I was detained at the airport because I was woman coming for business in Saudi Arabia. So I'm guess you have said here today that women have been recognized in Saudi Arabia, and thank you very much for recognizing women, and now that you are here I would like to ask you to come now and meet with other women in Saudi Arabia now that women are allowed freely in Saudi Arabia. So I wanted to ask about certain questions now that you have incorporated women into many things --

Moderator Hickman: Ma'am ask your question please?

Second questioner: Thank you so much. My question is how is the economy in Saudi Arabia and you creation now comparing to America? How would you rate it? Your creation and the businesses of economy in Saudi Arabia?

Turki: Well first of all let me say that Dr. Niala Swail, my colleague from the Saudi Arabian embassy herself, a woman as you can see, will be happy to help you acquire a visa to come to kingdom any time you like. Um, as far the economy is concerned the kingdom is doing quiet well...