How Did Nader React to "A Stolen Election"?

Nader now (Video on Jon Stewart, Feb. 8, 2007):

"Republicans stole it from Gore. Gore won the election, he won it won it in Florida but it was stolen from him [applause]. You would think that these guys would go after the thieves instead of some little Green Party."

Nader then (Denver Post, Nov. 22, 2000):
Third-party presidential wannabe Ralph Nader has a simple solution to the stalemate in Florida: Toss a coin.

He's not being flip.

"It sounds kind of arbitrary. But I'm not joking," the Green Party candidate told The Denver Post on Tuesday. "There's really no other way to end this. At this point, no one's ever going to know who really won Florida."

[originally published at on Feb. 8, 2007]