Let's Press Ahead "condemns the suspension of NPC member Sam Husseini in the strongest terms"

The National Press Club is having elections on Dec. 9, 2011. A slate of candidates known as Let's Press Ahead has released a statement in support of me:

We are a group of  members of the National Press Club running to make a  positive difference for our club. We're united in our passion for the NPC to grow as a strong organization with members who support each other, especially during these challenging and changing times in our profession.

Official Statement on the Suspension of Sam Husseini:

We, the members of Let's Press Ahead condemn the suspension of NPC member Sam Husseini in the strongest terms.

Journalists are professional antagonists. While decorum is important, it's our job to ask tough questions, especially of those who hold power. If there is one place on Earth where that kind of spirited, inquisitive work should be celebrated, it's at the NPC.

The video of Mr. Husseini shows nothing that would come close to warranting his suspension. We've asked the NPC executive director and ethics committee for an explanation. So far: nothing.

The NPC is supposed to be "the World’s Leading Professional Organization for Journalists.” Sadly, this kind of action against an NPC member for doing his job tears it down.

We call on the other candidates in the NPC elections on Dec. 9 to join us in condemning this action.

Let's Press Ahead,

Tim Young, candidate for NPC President
Justin Duckham, candidate for NPC Vice President
Bill Murphy, Jr., candidate for NPC Membership Secretary
Jamila Bey, candidate for Board of Governors
Emily Whitten, candidate for Board of Governors
Ben Dooley, candidate for Board of Govnerors