Debunking "Russiagate" in Real Time -- List of News Releases

Here's a list of news releases on "Russiagate" and related issues that the Institute for Public Accuracy -- -- where I work, put out from roughly March 2017 to March 2018. These news releases are sent to thousands of producers and reporters, mostly in the US:


Postol: US Policies Driving Putin Nuclear Statements

Is “Russiagate” the New Benghazi?

“13 Russian” Indictment

U.S. Nuclear Stance Toward Russia Increasing Existential Threats

Dark Money, Not Russia, Best Explains Trump's Win

“Russiagate” as Religion

Documents Show U.S. Violated Assurances to Moscow About Limiting NATO

Facebook or Russia: Who's the Real Threat?

McCarthyism Inc: Hyping Russian Threats”

“Why the Papadopoulos Plea Isn't a Smoking Gun”

Effects of Russia Demonization

Is “Fake News” Scare Being Used to Stifle Dissent?

“Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact”

Hollywood Joins the “Plot to Scapegoat Russia”

Russia Sanctions: A Dangerous Political Football

U.S. Good, Russia Bad?

The Plot to Scapegoat Russia

Wray for FBI: Russia Obsession Eclipses Other Issues

* Russia * Poland * Korea

Trump's Trip

Disinformation on Russia and Threat to Democratic Party

FBI Whistleblowers on Russia-gate's Mythical “Heroes”

9/11 Whistleblower Rowley on Mueller's History of “Cover-up"

* Russia * Saudi * Turkey * Bases

Behind MSNBC's Russia Obsession

A View from St. Petersburg

Dangers with Russia

How Liberals Collaborated with McCarthyism: Then and Now

“Neo-McCarthyite Furor” on Russia and Threat of More War

Trump Calls for Major Escalation in Syria

Democrats Playing with Fire on Russia

CIA and NSA Veterans on Russia, Trump and Obama

The Escalating War on Independent Information


Media Advisory: Could U.S. and Russia Clash Over Syria?

Trump Backing Away from CIA in Syria?

Will CIA End Support for Rebels in Syria?

Will U.S. Airstrikes End Syrian Ceasefire Again?

Are Claims About Syrian Sarin Attacks Propaganda Leading to More War?

How the U.S. Armed al Qaeda in Syria

Trump's Syria Bombing Impeachable

Does “Humanitarian Intervention” Do What Proponents Claim?

Former Officials Warn Trump on Syria Escalation

Russia and Iran Warn of “Red Lines” on Syria

Trump Bombing “Illegal”

The Syria Solution

Left and Right Unite Against Escalating Syria War


Not Kremlin Propaganda: Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

* NYC Attack * Manafort in Ukraine


Enough About Russia? U.S. Openly Interfering in Venezuela, Violating OAS Charter

New Venezuela Sanctions: Trump Trying Regime Change? 


NRA's “Boondoggle” — CMP: Government-Backed Program Teaches Kids to Shoot Guns at School; Sell Weapons

Shooter Cruz, JROTC and the NRA

Are Mass Shootings in U.S. Blowback from its Perpetual Wars?

Does Trump Decide on War?

Military Parade — and Escalating Budget

Left-Right Uniting Against More Government Surveillance

Did Trump Greenlight Neoconservative Takeover Of State Dept. And CIA?

Inaugural Prosecutions: Criminalizing Protest and Journalism?

Do Military Enlistees Actually “Know What They Are Getting into”?

Afghanistan and Korea: Exploding the Myth

Trump's War Presidency: * Pakistan and Geopolitics * Ellsberg's “Stalemate Machine”

Trump's Empty Promise on War Savings”

Need to “Repeal the Perpetual Illegal Wars”

Intel Committee “Political Theater” as Trump Escalates Wars

Trump's Budget: Military Uber Alles


Nobel Peace Prize: Threats to Nuclear Ban Treaty

Nuclear Ban Treaty Group Gets Nobel

More Than 40 Nations Sign Nuclear Ban Treaty in First Hour

Trump and Macron Meet, Clinging to Nuclear Weapons

122 Nations Vote to Outlaw Nuclear Weapons, U.S., Russia Collude Against Effort

U.S. Breakthrough on Nuclear First Strike Threatens Stability

After the “Science Marches,” Highest “Security Priority” Is Nuclear Weapons

Amb. Haley: Moms for Nukes


U.S.-North Korea: Victory for President Moon?

Olympics: How NBC, Pence Get Korea Wrong

How to Reduce Threat of Nuclear War with North Korea

Korea Crisis

Trump's Korea Threat

U.S. Korea Deployment and Korean Elections


What's in Al Jazeera's Film on Israel Lobby?

“Fire and Fury” — New Reports Thicken Trump-Israel Plot

Why is Israelgate Being Downplayed?

Is Flynn/Kushner Actually Israelgate?

Not Just Russia” — Flynn's Lie about Israel


Saudi Arabia Using Law Firm Tied to Trump to Lobby U.S. for Nuclear Deal

Left and Right Unite Against Continued U.S. Backing of Saudi Attack on Yemen

Thousands Decry MSNBC Ignoring U.S.-Backed Carnage in Yemen While Obsessing Over Russia

U.S.-Backed Saudi Attack on Yemen: * Media Blackout * Public Opposition

Foreign Influence in U.S. Politics

As Saudis Threaten Port, Yemen Famine Leaves Refugee Chief “Shocked to the Bones”

Yemen Starvation — From Air War Worse Than Aleppo


Trump, Iran: New Path to War?

Suicide Bombings in Iran

Qatar Crisis and Iran: A “Win-Win” for the U.S. Establishment?